Tuesday, 13 November 2012

And on the 6th Day We Rested

Day 6
Manang Rest Day

Overlooking the glacial lake
Even though we decided we deserved a sleep in and didn’t have our alarm set till 8am, by 6.30 we were both wide awake and ready to go.  Having said that it was very nice to not have to jump straight out of bed and pack our backpack and we enjoyed a leisurely morning lingering over our coffee and muesli before heading off on our day hike.  In order to acclimatise properly it’s recommended to do a small hike up higher than the altitude that you are sleeping at, so we planned a to climb a mountain up behind the village to a look out point over a glacial lake and towering mountains.  

The sun was rapidly melting the snow that had fallen so steadily the afternoon before and we worked up a sweat hiking up to the look out point (although without a backpack it seemed so much easier!).  The view from the top was made even more beautiful by the fresh layer of snow that covered the peaks of the mountains and we strolled around on the plateau until the lingering cold seeped in and we decided it was time to descend back to town.  We braved a cold bucket shower before finding a nice bakery in town for lunch and tried our second slice of apple pie and apple danish.  We set about exploring the town, but by 2pm the weather closed in again and we hurried back to our room to put our layers back on.  By the time we made it to our hotel it was snowing heavily again so we grabbed our UNO cards/kindle etc and headed to the warm common room to pass the afternoon by the fire drinking tea and watching those who were hiking hurry passed, heads down, trying to get through the snow.  
Apple pie in Manang - there's a reason it's known as
the Apple Pie Trail!

Dave tried another version of the yak for dinner – a yak burger with yak cheese - which was massive and took both of us to finish it off.  We didn’t linger too long in the common room after dinner as we wanted to get an early start the next day and neither of us were sleeping well due to the altitude, just like we experienced when we were above 4000m in Bolivia.

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