Saturday, 11 August 2012

Out of the Desert

We were up and out of the tent by 7am which is when we were told to be ready for breakfast.  However the camp was deserted and this worried us slightly as we had to leave for the bus at 7.30.  We finally found one of the  staff when we saw his feet sticking out of the car door where he'd fallen  asleep.  We managed to 'subtly' wake him up on our third loud pass of the car...  He roused the 'chef' who  had been sleeping in the kitchen and we were told to sit and wait for our breakfast.  Unfortunately our seat afforded us a clear view of said kitchen and between the chef smoking, making loud throat hocking noises, spitting and man-handling the food we didn't have any appetite remaining when our breakfast was finally served.  We thought that at least we could enjoy the cup of tea but it was so sweet that it hurt our teeth and all it was good for was watering the sand when no one was looking.

The good thing about our food being inedible was breakfast was over very quickly and we were soon on our way to the bus stop, but instead of being dropped off at the Visitor's Centre where we'd asked to be, we were unceremoniously dumped at a random stop along the road with nothing else in sight.  Just to finish the tour on a high when the driver left he floored it so hard on the gravel that he spun up large rocks, a couple of which hit Sarah in the leg and left decent sized bruises... (We repeat, do not use Wadi Rum Desert Services in Aqaba).

We were completely unsure of where we were we contemplated taking a taxi back to town and trying to get to Wadi Musa from there, except we were still in the desert and there really weren't any taxis around.  We flagged down a bus going the opposite direction and by  chance it turned out to be the one we wanted, it just had to drop its current  passangers off a the Visitor's Centre and then it would be going to Wadi Musa.   Relieved to be out of the desert (which was disappointing as the desert itself was really beautiful, our experience just wasn't...) we settled in for the 1.5 hour  trip, looking forward to a shower and some decent food when we arrived in Wadi Musa.

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