Tuesday, 7 August 2012

From Israel to Jordan

It was a bit of a rush for us to get from Jerusalem back to Eilat as we had to return the car before the beginning of Passover as once it began pretty much the entire country would shut down.  By driving non-stop, bar one quick coffee break, we made it just in time to return our little car catch a taxi to the border Eilat / Aqaba border (the buses had already stopped running in preparation for Passover). 

It was quite a busy border crossing as large families seemed to be going to Jordan for the long weekend holiday and in the end it took two hot and sweaty hours to finally get through into Jordan.  Once we arrived in Aqaba town it then took another hour to finally find a reasonably priced hotel as we'd forgotten that Friday is the first day of the Jordanian weekend, which meant the seaside town of Aqaba was indeed very busy.

We wanted to do a tour of Wadi Rum the next day, but we'd left it too late to book anything on the internet (as all the forums advised to do) so instead we had to hunt around town for a not-to-shoddy looking tour agent.  We managed to find one that offered an overnight desert experience at a reasonable price (Wadi Rum Desert Services – do not use them!) so we reserved for the next day and finally set out to do what's always fun when you enter a new country and it’s been hours since your last meal – discover new foods!

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