Wednesday, 4 July 2012


The White Tower

We took the 8.20 am train from Kalambaka to Thessaloniki and it was a comfy 3 hour trip, although quite packed at times so we were glad we actually had seats.  We quickly found a dingy little hotel as it was raining and we didn't want to hunt around and get our bags soaked.  It only had 2 single beds but it at least had a good WiFi signal and so after dumping our stuff we set out to explore the town in the light drizzle.  We enjoyed exploring the markets, sampling as we went, followed by a long afternoon freddochino in true Greek fashion.  However, upon returning to our room we discovered that it now reeked of cigarette smoke so badly we had to open the window and let the freezing cold air in.  We spent the good part of the afternoon finding another hotel as we didn’t want to spend longer than one night in our smoky room.

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner on the foreshore before braving our room again – the smoke was so bad our eyes burnt after only 5 minutes in the room, so we slept with the window open and both in one single bed to try and stay warm.  Our only happy thought was that at least we’d found another place to move to as soon as we woke up... which actually turned out to be earlier than expected thanks to a) the construction work directly outside our window and b) our sore throats from breathing in smoke all night.

Delicious pastries!
Once resettled in our much nicer hotel we spent the next couple of days exploring Thessaloniki by foot, checking out art galleries (the Museum of Photography was particularly impressive), playing chess while slowly sipping our potent coffees, wandering the student quarter and enjoying the friendly local people (the guy in the patisserie even gave us a photograph of Mt Olympus at sunset that he’d taken in the Spring as we couldn’t see it due to the constant rain and he wanted to show us how beautiful it was!)  

We enjoyed our time there but we were excited to leave as our next stop was Switzerland, back to see our friends and hopefully Alex and Markus’ baby… maybe?

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