Friday, 6 July 2012

Return to Switzerland

After so long it felt a bit strange and yet familiar  to be boarding another Easyjet flight, and amazingly it left on time and just like that we were bound for Basel to visit Pauli and Denys who had just relocated there (talk about good timing!).  We arrived and instantly felt at home to be back in Switzerland, even if the language was completely foreign to us... 

It was awesome to see Pauli and Denys after so long, it was just like we hadn't left!  And even better we were again sleeping on the super large airbed that we'd originally borrowed when we firstly moved into our apartment - really just like old times :-) 

We enjoyed a sleep in and relaxed breaky before spending the sunny day exploring Basel, picnicing by the river and hunting in vain for the coffee milk Dave had been craving since we'd booked our flights back.  Pauli whipped up a delicious apple crumble for dessert that was promptly finished for breakfast the next morning before Dave caught the train to Rolle to spend the day catching up with everyone at Yahoo, leaving Sarah and Pauli to a girls day. It was the first time in many months that we'd actually not been together and it did feel a little strange....

Never fear, we were reunited a mere 10 hours later at Rolle where we went out for a few drinks on the beautiful Lac Leman with Dave's colleagues.  It was not quite the happy occasion we'd expected as the staff had just been informed that morning that many of them would be losing their jobs which understandably put a dark cloud over everything.

After farewelling everyone and wishing them the best of luck for the uncertain future we caught the train to Geneva and finally arrived back to the place we'd called home for the last 3.5 years.  We'll not exactly the same place as as our apartment was now being rented by the friendly frozen yoghurt shop owner.  Instead we were going to stay in Alex and Markus' new apartment as they hadn't moved in yet, but not before we had a long awaited reunion with the aforementioned and a delicious dinner cooked by the man himself.  

Our time in Geneva went way to fast, catching up with friends again after 6 months on the road coupled with anxious waiting to see if Alex would go into labour as the baby was now overdue.  Despite our best efforts to excite/scare/motivate her into labour there wasn't a single contraction.  We think that the problem was there was no lawn to mow in Geneva, so the tried and true Aussie method couldn't be put into practice.  

As usual when visiting friends we found ourselves regretting that we hadn't given ourselves longer there, but cheap flights are cheap flights and our departure date was set, and there was no changing it.  As per Murphy's Law, Alex finally gave birth to little Aris only 2 days after we left... We guess that just gives us a good excuse to go back again!

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