Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hanging out in Hurghada

Finally we were able to have a bit of a sleep in as we didn’t have to check out till 12. It turned out that this was a fortunate thing as when we tried to shower we realised that there was no water (the hotel was doing 'maintenance', which would’ve been a nice thing to be warned about...). Luckily at 11.30 the water came on and we had half an hour to shower and pack before putting our stuff in storage and exploring the town and marina for the afternoon.

Our bus back to Cairo didn’t leave until midnight so we all had to hang out in the lobby of the hotel waiting  (and playing UNO) for our turn to use the one room that had been allocated to the group so that we could take a shower after walking around all day.  Thanks to the earlier water problems the water was cold so showering was not a pleasant experience, at least for Sarah, as Dave managed to score a hot one since he was last, the benefits of being patient... 

Everyone was happy when midnight finally came and we could board the bus and try to get some sleep, but even though we'd convinced our guide that we needed a coach instead of a minivan so at least our seats could recline it was still a fairly sleepless journey.  We were glad to stumble off the bus at Cairo in the wee hours of the morning, in desperate need of a good coffee (but alas, coffee in Egypt was strictly of the Nescafe variety...)

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