Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Relaxing on Andros

We caught up on some sleep on the 2.5 hour ferry ride over to Andros and disembarked in the nice harbour town Gavrio, but unfortunately our hotel was two coves over in the little town of Batsi.  Of course, as we were finding repeatedly in winter, the buses were far and few between and the next one wasn’t for another 3 hours, so we settled in for a seaside coffee and decided that since our hotel had a kitchenette, we'd shop at the small supermarket and cook ourselves dinner since it’d been a long time since we’d actually hand made our own dinner!

Batsi Harbour
We arrived after dark to Anemos Studios and the kind owner Syros upgraded us to an ocean view room so we enjoyed a relaxed dinner overlooking the distant lights of Athens, happy to know that for the first time in many days we didn’t have an alarm set for the next morning… and we must’ve needed some sleep as neither of us stirred till 11am the next day.

After waking up and realising we had a magnificent view over the coastline and the ocean, we settled in for a lazy breakfast on our private balcony before we set out to explore the island. It was very picturesque and we walked for a couple of hours around the headlands soaking in the view of the beaches and green hillsides with the locals going about their island business of fishing and running their small market stores. 

Around Andros

We stopped into one of the little grocery stores and actually found Heinz baked beans, and sadly, this excited us greatly, so we bought a can along with some fresh bread and enjoyed a typical bachelor’s dinner with the upgrade of a very nice bottle of Samos wine for dinner (the best wine in Greece!).

The next afternoon, after another (well deserved) sleep in, we farewelled the Greek Islands and boarded a ferry for Athens.  Syros was kind enough to drive us for free to the harbour so we didn’t have to wait for another bus, and 2 hours later we docked at the Rafina port on the mainland of Greece, excited to be meeting up with Alex's parents for a few days while we explored the capitol.

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