Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cruising to Mykonos

Thankfully by morning the winds had dropped enough for the ferries to run so we boarded our ferry from Kos and by 1 pm we had arrived on the island of Mykonos… just not at the port we’d expected.  Luckily we spied a bus pulling out as we disembarked so we flagged it down and discovered it was headed into town – nice timing.  It was raining and cold as we trudged into town and most things again were closed due to ‘off season’.  A nice local man spied us in the rain and directed us towards an open hotel, Lefteris, and when they offered us a room for 30€ we took it straight away just to get out of the weather.

The alleyways of Mykonos
The first thing we wanted to do was sort out a ferry to the nearby island of Delos which is covered in ancient ruins, but we discovered they don’t run in winter which was a real disappointment.  We were told that we might be able to get a ride over with the security guards early on Friday morning depending on the weather, but nothing was definite and we’d have to wait and see.

It was way passed lunch time, but everything on the waterfront was quite out of our price range so we walked through town to the bus station and enjoyed our first gyros in Greece for only 3€.  The afternoon was a write-off due to the rain so we didn’t venture out again till dinner when we chanced upon the ‘Suisse-Café’.  We were warmly greeted by George the Greek who is married to a Swiss-German lady both of whom were very friendly.  They had a good menu, which also includes whatever they’ve made themselves for dinner and the thought of a proper home-made meal after being on the road for so long was great and we thoroughly enjoyed our lasagne followed by semolina cake for dessert.

Windmills on Mykonos

The next morning we were greeted with the sun shining through our window which was encouragement enough for us to explore the island even though the maximum temperature was only going to be 8°C.  We  rugged up and walked around visiting the picturesque beaches, windmills, got lost in the streets as everyone does, hiked to the lake in the middle of the island and enjoyed an afternoon Freddochino as one must when in Greece.  Then it was back to the Suisse-Café for dinner again where George had cooked spatch-cock for dinner – excellent!

The next morning we were up and ready by 7am to head to the dock to see if the security guards were indeed going to Delos island.  We waited in the cold for an hour and then went back to the ticket office to ask whether the security boat would go.  The lady who’d advised to be at the dock so early seemed very unsurprised that the security guards hadn’t shown up, even though beforehand she’d been almost sure they would be there… We thanked her for her help and grudgingly bought tickets for the afternoon ferry to Andros before heading back to hotel room to warm up before check out time and our next ferry ride.

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