Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bodrum Castle and a Farewell to Turkey

After breakfast we asked Helen when the next bus to Bodrum was as she said she could call and reserve us seats.  We had wanted to take the evening bus as it was a perfectly sunny day that we didn’t want to waste by sitting on a bus, but she insisted that the only bus for the day left at 11.30am and that we needed to hurry to make it to the bus station.  In hindsight we think that 11.30am was the only time the bus that their friends company ran a bus as there were definitely later buses running, but that’s what you get when you ask a pension for help…  

The minibus was not particularly comfy and took an hour longer than expected, so we spent a beautiful sunny day sitting on a bus and didn’t arrive at Bodrum till 4pm.  We checked into Myndas Hotel, which turned out to be a complete rip off at 25€ a night (for that price we were expecting a bit of luxury, but we’d stayed in much better for much less), so the first thing we did was walk around town and find a cheaper place that we could move to the next day.  We then took a stroll around the nice harbour and relaxed on the waterfront with a hot salep while we watched the sunset behind Bodrum castle.  The one good thing about our expensive hotel was that we could go up on the roof and see the castle lit up at night, which we did after dinner.  We had castle views again at breaky as it was served on the roof - a nice touch!

We then moved hotels to our cheaper, smokey room (bummer) and then set out to explore the sights of the city: the Colosseum, mausoleum and Myndos Gate, before heading to the docks to buy a boat ticket for Kos the next day.  Bodrum Castle is right on the docks so we visited there for the next couple of hours – it’s a great castle and includes an Underwater Archaeology Museum which displays a lot of very cool things discovered on ships wrecks around the Turkish coastline. 

We enjoyed some local food in a small restaurant for our last night in Turkey.  Our three weeks had been fantastic as Turkey seemed to tick all the right boxes – amazing natural wonders, interesting history and culture with beautiful architecture, mouth-watering food and tasty local delicacies, all coupled with friendly people and an easy to navigate transport system…… really, what’s not to enjoy?? Hmmm, perhaps not the -20ish temperatures… but that’s what you get for traveling in the off-season.  Next stop - the Greek Islands (aren't they meant to be sunny and warm all year round??)

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