Saturday, 30 June 2012

Ancient Delphi

It was a sad farewell from our brief but enjoyable visit with the Spyratou family, and laden with food both in our bellies and our backpacks we caught a train to the bus station and 3 hours later we arrived in the small, picturesque town of Delphi.  After some searching we found a room at Silbyilla Hotel with a view out over the valley for a decent price.

Overlooking the very wet site of Delphi
By the time we’d checked in it was almost 2pm, and the archaeological site closed at 3.  Since we didn’t want to have to rush through it, we settled for visiting the museum in the afternoon and planned an early visit of the site the next morning before catching the bus at 10.15am.  So we were up at 7am the next morning and hurried to be at the entrance to the ruins by 8am, only to arrive there at the same time as the rain… so it was a wet tour of a very impressive site, especially with the setting being on the side of the cliff.

Delphi ruins
We made it back to the bus station in time to shake off our wet jackets and board our first bus of what was a very long transit-day. First up it was a bus to Amfissa where we changed for Lamia, then waited for 2 hours before boarding a bus to Trikala and from there our final bus took us to Kalambaka.  All up it took about 7 hours, but since the day was miserable and wet we didn’t mind passing the time on somewhat warm buses.

We were thankful to have a hotel already booked so we didn’t have to hunt for one in the rain, and the Meteora Hotel was both cozy and warm and we gladly relaxed there for the evening after some cheap gyros in town, hoping for better weather in the morning so we could explore the famous Meteora monasteries hidden behind our hotel in the clouds….

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