Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Christmas on the beach - Huanchaco

The beach!!

It was a short taxi ride to Huanchaco from Trujillo, the place where we'd decided to spend Christmas.  To celebrate we'd decided to spend a little more on accommodation than our budget usually allowed and we booked ourselves 2 nights at the Naylamp hostel in a private room with an ocean view.  Our 'splurge' set us back $20 a night, got to love Peru!
Sunset at Huanchaco
Unfortunately, thanks to the freezing currents, the ocean was way too cold for a surf, there were only a few steamer-ed up guys braving it.  We opted for some Christmas Eve happy hour cocktails instead, but only after trying the local delicacy - cheviche (raw, finely chopped fish coated in lemon juice to cook it, quite good in small quantities...)

Enjoying Christmas dinner
Christmas day, although much like home in that it was warm and on a beach (a nice change from the previous cold European ones) was unfortunately rainy and to be honest a rather miserable day.  Huanchaco is a great seaside town when it's sunny and there's ocean to be seen, but in the rain and cold it doesn't have a lot to offer.  On the bright side, after sticking to quite a hectic schedule with every second night seeming to be on another overnight bus, we were thankful for the forced relaxation for the morning.
Our feast....

The afternoon cleared up a bit and after a stroll up the hill to the cathedral, we headed back to the beach to watch the fisherman come in on their ancient Incan reed boats.  The were carrying nets heavily laden and bulging with live crabs, which after seeing made it a pretty easy decision about what we'd be ordering for dinner! 

We chose the 'Big Ben' restaurant for our special Christmas feast (kindly sponsored by Dave's parents).  Apparently this is where the president of Peru chooses to dine when he's in town...  He didn't make an appearance though, actually almost no-one did, so we enjoyed a private balcony overlooking the ocean while we ate the best seafood we've ever eaten, accompanied by a very nice bottle of red to wash it down. Not a bad way to finish off Christmas day!

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