Monday, 12 December 2011

travel overview for morocco

Travel within Morocco is fairly straight-forward and inexpensive.  The train system is reliable and cheap and generally the bus system is also OK.  No negotiation is required for trains, long distance buses and trams.

From / To Transport Time taken Cost/pp (MAD) In a nutshell
Marrakesh airport to Medina Bus 15 minutes 23

Cheapest way into town, just make sure you know where to get off or show the driver your hostel address (the best stop to access the Medina is where all the horse and carriages are queued up in a park)

Marrakesh to Casablanca (Station Casa Voyageurs) Train 3 hours 90

Easy to do and cheap but very hot, it's a long walk from the train station to town but a tram line is being installed

Casablance to Rabat Train 1 hour 40 minutes 35

Short and easy, train station is close to the Ville Nouvelle and Medina

Rabat to Salé (return ticket) Tram 15 minutes 12

Brand new tram system.  Quick and simple way to get between the two cities

Rabat to Meknès Train 2 hours 20 minutes 65 Easy train ride
Meknès to Fes Train 40 minutes 20

Short and easy, train station is 15 minute walk to the start of Ville Nouvelle, but a long way from the Medina

Fes to Merzouga Bus (Supratours) Overnight (approx. 12 hours) 130

Survivable bus trip, don't sit behind the driver.  The seats don't recline very far and there are no provisions provided on the bus but there a midnight stop at a cafe for toilets and a BBQ if you're hungry!

Merzouga to Tinghir Bus (Supratours) 5 hours 85 Comfortable bus trip, fairly on time
Tinghir to Ouarzazate Public bus 3 hours 35

Only recommended if you missed the Supratours bus as the local buses run frequently, but for the 10MAD less in ticket price the quality plummets a lot...

Ouarzazate to Marrakesh Bus (CTM) 5 hours 82

Comfortable bus trip, one stop en-route for bathroom.  The CTM bus station in Marrakesh is a long way out of town so factor in a taxi ride or be prepared for a 1.5 hour walk

Marrakesh Medina to Airport Taxi 15 minutes 70

Quickest way to get to the airport early in the morning, although the buses do start very early

    Total Cost: 647



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