Saturday, 31 December 2011

Resistencia (city of sculptures) and Corrientes

DSC01465We arrived in Resistencia at 7.30am and quickly checked into a cheap Hotel named Luxor, polished off a quick Carrefour supermarket breakfast in the park and headed straight to the museum, which is where all the best sculptures in this town of ‘over 530 sculptures’ are exhibited.  (This blog is dedication to Mr Paul Russell as he would love to stroll around Resistencia and admire all the art!).

At the museum we picked up a map of the town which named and located all the sculptures and outlined the best walking route to take in order to see them all.  It would be great to be here in 2012 when they have their next sculpture competition, the ‘Bienal’, where artist have one week to publicly complete a sculpture with the medium and theme presented to them.

DSC01466Asides from the numerous sculptures (some of which were very cool, and others not so much….) there’s not a whole lot to do in Resistencia so on our second day in town we jumped in a bus and headed across the river to the neighboring town of Corrientes.  Unfortunately the selling feature of Corrientes is that it’s a nice colonial style town, and again at the risk of sounding like snobs – and after being spoilt by Europe - these run down old towns really don’t inspire us much.  We checked out the artisanal museum next to Plaza de Majo where we received a free tour with an guy named Cesar.  That was an experience!  

He was a charming old guy who didn’t speak a lick of English, and our Spanish was still sadly lacking, so it became a tour of hand gestures and drawings in order for Cesar to explain not only the artisanal pieces but in fact the whole history of Argentina.  An hour later we stumbled out, brain dead from trying to translate and dehydrated from the intense heat in the museum. It turns out Cesar was also a budding scientist so we exchanged emails, so we’ll see if we hear from him later on…

DSC01467Back in Resistencia we had a couple of hours still to kill before our night bus to Cordoba and we found a café to try some ‘chipaticos’ which we’d seen everywhere over the last two days.  They are delicious little balls of cheesy bread and they disappeared very quickly!  Then it was off to the bus station to try our first ‘cama ejectico’ experience with Crucero del Norte….

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