Monday, 26 December 2011

5 year Anniversary in the Gaucho capital (San Antonio de Areco)

So we thought we’d fluked the perfect timing with our wedding anniversary falling on the same day as the famous festival in Rosario, the ‘Dia de la Tradiçion’ celebrated on the 10th of November.  However, it turns out that the actual festivities wouldn’t be until the weekend so the town was very quiet (except for the other disappointed gringos who had also assumed that the action would also be on the 10th).  So we took advantage of the quiet surrounds of a sleepy country town after being in a bustling city and even managed to see a few gauchos warming up for the weekend. 

We treated ourselves to a nice dinner to celebrate and since we eat before 10pm we were the only guests in the restaurant. 
Dave’s wild boar with sautéed onions and apple sauce was delicious and my crab bisque soup was the best seafood soup I’ve tried, not to mention the house red wine that was actually nicer than any of the wines we tasted in the Stellenbosch wineries.  Of course no meal in Argentina is complete without dulce de leche ice cream for dessert (well actually we went out on a limb and tried the dulce de leche with cookie bits…. this addiction could get serious!)

It was nice to stay in a proper B&B after so many nights in dingy hostels filled will screaming, excitable ‘gap year’ travellers who are generally just trying to drink more beers than they did in the last town they visited. We were also able to sleep in for once since our bus wasn’t till the afternoon, a rare occurrence indeed!  So even though we missed what we thought was going to be a great Argentinian BBQ with gaucho’s riding round lassoing everything in sight, we instead had some much needed R&R in a wonderful little town that we otherwise would’ve cruised straight by….


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